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Beetlejuice Monopoly

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Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetle— Before you call his name three times, work your way through the strange and unusual afterlife of Monopoly Beetlejuice!

Buy, sell and trade your favourite dark comedy characters such as Lydia, Delia and Charles Deetz, Adam and Barbara Maitland, and the irreverent bio-exorcist himself, to haggle the living daylights out of your competition. Pick up Haunting and Occurrence cards for unexpected prizes and penalties, but watch out for the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and Scale Model Town fees! Tour the board, from the Janitor to the Magician's Assistant, Sarah Dean and the Snake, and build up haunted houses and paranormal museums to charge your opponents more rent. Will you get stuck in the waiting room forever, or banish Beetlejuice for a hefty cash reward?

Choose from one of six custom metallic tokens, roll the dice and find out if you can do better than "the ghost with the most". Features:

  • PERFECT FOR BEETLEJUICE FANS: this new edition of Hasbro's classic board game Monopoly is perfect for 2–6 players and makes a great gift for fans aged 12 and up
  • INCLUDES 6 METAL TOKENS: choose from the Wedding Dress, Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Beetlejuice Tombstone, Skeleton Key, Lydia's Camera, and Charles Deetz's Binoculars
  • UNIQUE GAME BOARD: featuring a selection of characters and locations from the classic Tim Burton movie starring Geena Davis and Michael Keaton
  • BUILD YOUR BEETLEJUICE EMPIRE: buy up colour sets and use your custom Monopoly money to expand your empire
  • WILL YOU OUTSMART YOUR OPPONENTS? Watch out for Occurrence and Haunting cards, which could help or hinder your chances of success!