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King of Tokyo Monster Pack: Cybertooth


Cybertooth – a giant two-legged robot that can transform into a fearsome sabertoothed tiger – is about to hit the town. With new berserk die, will you succumb to the berserker fury?

What’s in the box?

  • One Cybertooth Monster board
  • Two cardboard figures + stands
  • One berserk die
  • Six berserk tokens
  • One transformation card
  • Eight evolution cards for King of Tokyo
  • Eight evolution cards for King of New York

How to play:

The Cybertooth Monster Pack introduces a new game component: the berserk die!

When you roll 4 or more ‘claws’ place a Berserk token on your Monster. You are now in Berserk mode!

During your turn, if you are in Berserk mode, roll the Berserk die in the normal way, in addition to the other dice. When you heal yourself, Berserk mode ends. Remove the Berserk token from your Monster.

Cybertooth is a shape-shifting Monster. It can only transform in games with evolution cards. Once per turn, during the power card purchase phase, Cybertooth may spend 1 energy point to flip the transformation card before buying any cards. Apply the effects associated with the new form!

Evolution cards let you play King of Tokyo and King of New York with boosted Monsters! Cybertooth Evolutions work in the same way as the Evolutions in King of Tokyo: Power Up! and King of New York: Power Up!


This monster pack is compatible with King of Tokyo, King of New York and all their expansions. To play with Cybertooth Evolutions, you will need the Power Up! expansion for your base game.