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Battleforce: Daughters of Khaine - Khainite Slaughter-Coven

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The Daughters of Khaine live only to serve The Bloody-Handed God, Khaine. Although, to the Daughters of Khaine he is the God of Murder and they show their devotion to him in violent ways worthy of his status as their deity. The Daughters of Khaine live in a harsh society where any sign of weakness, both physical or emotional, is viewed as a fatal flaw. Celebrations dedicated to Khaine involve more killing than most battlefields, Khaines daughters can always be found at the epicentre.

Fuelled by the social Darwinism, these deadly aelf cult devotees elevate killing to an art form and will gladly kill anyone - friend or foe - who displays vulnerability. It has been said by those who have seen these deadly warriors in action that, due to their proficiency and grace in battle, they appear to be performing a mesmerising dance of death.


1x Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood, which can also be built as a Bloodwrack Shrine or Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
5x Melusai Blood Sisters, which can also be built as Melusai Blood Stalkers
5x Khinerai Heartrenders, which can also be built as Khinerai Lifetakers
5x Doomfire Warlocks
10x Witch Aelves, which can also be built as Sisters of Slaughter
Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.