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50 CLUES Part 2: White Sleep

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Part of the 50 Clues escape room range.

White Sleep is the second part of the action-packed ‘Leopold’ trilogy. Maria is on the run, taking refuge in a safe house. She must prepare a ritual to protect herself and her loved ones. Will she be able to do it in time before the evil Leopold finds her?

Contains graphic violence. Unsuitable for children.

*What’s in the box?*

- 54 oversized cards

*How to play:*

To begin playing, make sure you have a pen and paper and an internet enabled device.

Make sure the deck of cards is in the correct order, and follow the instructions detailed on the cards to progress the game and solve the mysteries.

Immerse yourselves in the thrilling tale and enjoy the twists and turns that follow…


See how the story concludes in Part 3: The Fate of Leopold.

Each game can be activated 30 times.