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1759 : Siege of Quebec Second Edition


This wargame emphasizes player command decisions against an opponent who plays independently.

1759: Siege of Quebec Second Edition has an easy set-up for a quick start to the game.

The placement of game units is indicated on the board and the units are wooden markers representing troop and ship formations. The game was developed for solitaire play and players can play either the French or the British against the automat. The game can still be played in pairs.

Both sides require you to make great decisions based on good strategy, keep your wits about you when orders don't go your way, and persevere to victory. Whenever one side's morale reaches zero during a turn, the other side wins the game.

Similarly, the French win if they hold out until the British navy leaves. And the British can win by taking Quebec.

This second edition brings a brand new layout of the game board and cards, new rules and game pieces for artillery, white French pieces, red British pieces and brown Indians. The rules have been updated as well.