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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Maul Villain Pack

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Bring the power of the force into your Mercanary team with Maul, Seeker of Vengeance! The Zabrakian apprentice of Darth Sidious brings pure rage to the front lines. His ultra-aggressive fighting style and ability to defy death make him a powerful character in any situation!

After Obi-Wan Kenobi cut Darth Maul in half during The Phantom Menace, the galaxy assumed him to be dead. But 10 years later, the ex-Sith Apprentice resurfaced as a crime lord and nightbrother assassin. This is the Maul seen in Imperial Assault. The Dathomirian warrior channels his anger against the Jedi and the Sith into every strike. The card Chaotic Force allows him to use this at the start of the game to injure 3 units for every player, including himself.

Maul powers up any team with a high amount of brawlers. Cards like Looking for a Fight and Face to Face allow you to move and strike in the same turn. Deathblow lets melee units deal a huge amount of damage to ranged units.

In single combat is when Maul comes into his own, however. Dual-Bladed Fury allows him to power up every attack, while Stalk Prey lets him move further. Wreak Vengeance lets his Dual-Bladed Fury ability do even more, too. The most important ability is Sustained By Rage. This allows Maul to ignore death until he resolves an action, meaning you can get the last hit in before you die and win the game!

Conquer the Galaxy and turn it lawless with Maul, Seeker of Vengeance!