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Avengers Masters of Evil Battlegrounds

£19.99 £29.99
*Get Started with Battlegrounds!*

The Avengers are a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – can they defeat the Masters of Evil – a team of Earth’s most menacing villains? Each figure in *HeroClix Battlegrounds* comes with 2 cards to match their HeroClix dial; one is specifically geared toward learning to play, while the other is good for players who have already played a few games. Featuring fan-favorite heroes and recognizable villains, it will appeal to casual fans and *Marvel* veterans alike!

The Avengers feature *Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel*. The Masters of Evil include *Mach-X, Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Winter Soldier, and Ultron! *Different combinations and teams will face off head-to-head in normal HeroClix combat or scenarios unique to this product!

This boxed-set is a great way for 2 players to learn HeroClix!

*HeroClix Battlegrounds *contains everything up to 4 people need to play HeroClix (Exact game components subject to change):

- 10 HeroClix Figures
- 20 HeroClix Character Cards
- 18 Object and Terrain Tokens
- 20 Action Tokens
- 4 Full-Color Maps
- 2 Six-Sided dice with the Avengers logo
- 1 HeroClix Powers & Abilities Card
- 1 HeroClix Core Rulebook
- 8 Scenario/Campaign Cards
- 6 Double-Sided Bystanders (for Scenario/Campaign use only)