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1565 Siege of Malta


An epic game about the 1565 siege of Malta between the Turks and the Christians.

Designed for easy setup, 1565 Siege of Malta is a fast-paced single-player game that can be completed in less than an hour.
The placement of game markers is indicated on the game board. Command orders and cards are used as a summary of the rules.

The game requires you to make great decisions based on good strategy, keep your wits about you when orders are wrong, and persevere to victory.

The game is centered on using campaign commands to give orders to the Turkish or Knights of Malta commanders to hope for victory.

Either side can be defeated if their morale is too low. The game allows you to play either side against a lone opponent who has 3 difficulty levels.

Choose which side you want to play, Turks or Knights of Malta, then shuffle the solitaire deck for your opponent. The shuffle used by the opponent differs from game to game, so no two games are alike.

Each commander (solitaire or player) can issue one order per game turn from his available commands. Your order is executed based on your strategy and the current situation you are facing. Your choice can cause multiple actions and reactions, the results of which result in troop eliminations, morale drops and events.

Whenever one side's morale reaches zero during a turn, the other side wins the game.