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Batman Team Up Team Titans Go Scooby Doo Miniatures Game

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Zoinks! Hungry for a new Play at Home Kit?
Take another step towards solving a mystery - or just another step towards the kitchen with Shaggy in this new Play at Home Kit!

Play at Home Kits are a great way of getting exclusive figures and HeroClix maps to players who may or may not be able to visit their local game store.

The DC Comics HeroClix: Batman Team-Up Play at Home Kit features full-color packaging with a window so customers can see the pre-painted Shaggy figure inside! This is great for customers looking to know exactly what they are getting.

This set contains (contents subject to change):
• One (1) Limited Edition Shaggy HeroClix Figure with Character Card
• One (1) Double-Sided 24" x 36" Map.