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Mega Man The Board Game

*Mega Man: The Board Game*, created and licensed by Jasco Games, brings all the excitement and fun found in the classic video game series to the tabletop.

Created for the 25th anniversary of the character, Mega Man: The Board Game is a 2-6 player board game in which players control both their character and Dr. Wily's forces, ideally to impede the progress of other players. After determining who goes first, players choose the Robot Master's stage on which they wish to start the game. On your turn, flip over the challenge card to reveal your first challenge. You choose the dice you wish to use to pass the challenge, then play cards from your hand and use abilities from your character to blast, jump or run through the challenge. Your opponents can play cards from the Dr. Wily side of their hand to make your challenge more difficult, possibly doing damage or taking lives from you along the way. If you beat the challenge, you move forward on the stage a number of spaces determined by the challenge you defeated.


- 1x Rulebook
- 6x Mega Man Game Pieces
- 1x Bomb Man Game Piece
- 1x Cut Man Game Piece
- 1x Elec Man Game Piece
- 1x Fire Man Game Piece
- 1x Guts Man Game Piece
- 1x Ice Man Game Piece
- 1x Dr. Wily Game Piece
- 1x Dr. Wily Board
- 1x Bomb Man Board
- 1x Cut Man Board
- 1x Elec Man Board
- 1x Fire Man Board
- 1x Guts Man Board
- 1x Ice Man Board
- 6x Pre-Constructed Game Decks
- 12x Game Dice
- 48x Minion Tokens
- 92x Challenge Cards
- 6x Health Spinners
- 6x Mega Man Player Cards
- 36x Robot Masters Cards
- 1x Dr. Wily Boss Card
- 24x Weapon Energy Cubes
- 24x Life Tokens