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The Victorian Gamer


In 19th Century Britain, sports were invented and developed to provide the idle rich with a means of betting large sums of money against each other. In The Victorian Gamer you are one of the idle rich.
No aristocrat worthy of his name would have been without a fast running footman or a stable boy who was a particularly able jockey. He would put up his ‘man’ against another noble’s ‘man’ for an agreed sum. The sport was incidental; it was the outcome that counted, with the winner taking all. And of course, a whole new industry of side betting with bookies quickly emerged.
The Victorian Gamer mirrors this era. There are three different events – running, rowing and horseracing - each one having its own unique gameplay. In addition, players can make bets against each other and/or with the bookie. And furthermore, to add a bit of extra spice there are three differently numbered dice to form the odds and affect the outcomes.
In short, there are three different races, two ways of betting, but only one winner. For friends and family with even the tiniest element of a competitive streak, The Victorian Gamer will provide hours of fun, not to mention a few squabbles, huffs and sulks. Warning – NOT A GAME FOR BAD LOSERS.