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Midnight Legacy Of Darkness 5th Edition Fantasy

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“Hope has long left the land of Eredane. The heroes of Midnight stand against the Shadow’s legions with elf warriors in the frozen woods of northern Erethor. They travel the barren lands of the Dorns and fight a guerilla war in the shadow of the broken Fortress Wall. They join with gnome smugglers to carry food and medicines to the besieged dwarven clans of the Kaladruns. They ride with Sarcosan outlaws and halfling nomads on the open plains of central Eredane. They elude scheming legates and their magic-sniffing spirit servitors as they search for the priceless artifacts of a lost age.“

Back in the ageless time before the dawn of history, a war broke out in heaven. In desperation, the lords of light severed the infernal spirit of the dark god Izrador, casting him out of the celestial kingdom. Izrador fell to the earth, his foul essence staining the land with its evil shadow.

Three times the malevolent god rose and marched on the nations of Eredane with iron and fire. Twice, brave heroes weathered the storm, casting Izrador back to the shadows, where he would once again wait for the perfect moment to strike. But the third time, a broken and battered Eredane had little fight left, distracted by their own infighting as well by the insidious corruption sown by the Izrador’s spies over the years. The third time, Izrador was ready. The third time, the line was not held.

The third time, the dark god won.

Edge Studio is proud to present Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, the updated third edition of the iconic setting first introduced by Fantasy Flight Games nearly 20 years ago.