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Normandy: The Beginning of the End

The fourth instalment of the War Storm Series, meaning an independent title in the series.

It does recreate events related to the Normandy landings and allows the players to revive, at the tactical level, the most relevant battles on the D-Day, from the American beaches to the outskirts of Saint-Lò.

The Exclusive Rules are meant to properly depict the singularities of this theatre of operations. Among the new set of rules, we may find landing rules; battalion officers; airborne units; recon units and amphibious forces.

This title also adds new units, such as Waffen SS (Infantry Elite units), Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) and troops of the Free France, along with Rangers and Paratroopers in the American side.

This title premiers an overhauled and updated Standard Rules manual that drastically eases the learning curve for those players being introduced to the saga. It incorporates a “point-based” system that allows you to come up with your own battles, taking its replayability to an unprecedent level.