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Memoir '44 Winter/Desert Board

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For fans of Memoir 44 who have been battling on the boards supplied with the base game, a touch of variety will be welcomed. The Memoir 44 Winter/Desert Board is double-sided with a white snow landscape on one side and a yellow desert on the other.

These boards are primarily designed to work as the board with the Eastern Front Mediterranean Theatre and Terrain Pack expansions, which then allows for matching tile sets. Aesthetically this is much more appealing for existing Memoir 44 expansion owners. The quality and size of the board is the same as the base game, just with different artwork!

Of course, if you put two Memoir 44 Winter/Desert Boards side by side you can then use them for Operation Overlord scenarios, should you have the required expansion components. This allows for much larger scale battles with more players.

Also included in the pack are two additional sets of rules to simulate tank Blitz actions as well how to run a simplified campaign. The latter allows for any number of scenarios to be linked together to provide bonuses for either player based on previous victories.

*Player count:*2-8
*Time: *30-60minutes
*Age rating:*8+